Why Custom T Shirts Are The Best Form of Marketing

Why Custom T Shirts Are The Best Form of Marketing

Why Custom T Shirts Are The Best Form of Marketing

Whether you’re in a band or you’re the owner of a business, one thing is for sure — you are always looking for new ways to get your name out there! The good news is that it’s easier than ever in this day and age because there are so many ways to do just that. Thanks to a number of different online outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, it’s not as hard as it used to be to get eyes on your products.

Chances are that you found us online as well by typing something like “screen printing companies near me” into Google. It really can work, and it’s certainly something that’s worth exploring to figure out what works for you. We might be biased, of course, but we also believe that there’s nothing quite like a good old fashioned promotional product like a t shirt with your brand on in.

Offering Custom Screen Printed T Shirts

Okay, we’re certainly not saying that having an online presence is a bad idea. In fact, we’re saying the opposite! We’re also saying that a multi-layered approach is often the one that works best, and having custom t shirts, hoodies, and totes — or really pretty much anything else that suits your needs — made by our team is also a great idea.

Consider the benefits. For one, if you have a really cool design, you might as well put it to good use! (Of course, if you don’t have a design, you can count on our team to help you come up with something that meets your needs perfectly.) For another, every time someone wears your t shirt, it’s like free advertising. If you really think about it, it’s advertising that you’re getting paid to do, because in many instances, you’ll be selling your shirts to your customers and making some money. In other words, it’s kind of a win/win situation.

What to Expect From Us

When it comes to screen printing in Sterling and the surrounding communities, no one does it better than us. With an attention to detail that is simply unmatched in our industry, you can always expect that the product you receive is going to be the best of the best. We know that sometimes you’re working on a tight timeline, and we’ll always go above and beyond to accomodate you. 

Regardless, we always triple check everything that comes out of our shop for quality, consistency, accuracy, and numbers. That means that you can rest assured that no matter what you ordered from us, you’ll be getting exactly what you expected to. 

We’re also proud to offer a variety of different stock and custom inks for your project. Need to match a Pantone color that your company has been using for years? We have you covered. Have a vague idea of a color that would look great on a white t shirt for your band? We’ll work with you to figure out what’s going to work the best. 

More Than a T Shirt Company

What do you have in mind for your project? As you learned above, if it’s t shirts, we have you covered. But what if you want something a little out of the ordinary like your company’s logo on a golf ball or your band name on a frisbee? We can do that too! We offer a huge catalog of promotional products and when we say that the possibilities are endless, that’s just what we mean.

Ready to work with the team that’s known for offering the best screen printing and embroidery in the area? Well we’re ready to work with you too! Contact us today to get an estimate and rest assured that when you choose Studio One, you’ll be in good hands. We proudly serve Sterling, Reston, Ashburn, Tystons Corner, and the other surrounding communities.

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