Studio One was created by the creative minds of brothers Forrest and Geoffrey Mullikin. After starting their private label clothing company in 2003, they noticed inconsistency in the screen printing arena. As they iterated different styles, textiles, and inks with various printing studios, they were consistently blown away by missed deadlines, lackluster print quality, poor customer service, or hidden fees — after the order was placed and approved. Determined to deliver high-quality products to their customers and to prove that screen printing could be produced in a quick and consistent fashion, following the specific guidelines of individual customer requirements, the Mullikins created their own shop — Studio One Screen Printing & Embroidery. Born out of our steadfast commitment to quality screen printing, and dedicated to the best possible overall look at the most up-front and affordable prices, Studio One has continuously impressed customers with a positive screen printing experience from design to delivery since 2003.

The idea took shape in a rented, shared studio space in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The team would lug equipment on the subway to Pratt Art Institute, where they would burn screens for initial testing on their own designs. After 24 months of dedicated experience, research, and development, Studio One bought a press of its own, which would be operated out of a garage in Leesburg, VA.

It was there that they began producing works for others, in pursuit of perfecting their craft through collaborative feedback. Let’s just say the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. After quickly outgrowing the garage, then the basement, they decided that it was time to expand their screen printing operation.

In November 2008, Studio One relocated to an industrial printing facility in Sterling, VA. With five years of printing experience now under their belts, the move allowed for intelligent expansion. The studio is outfitted and updated with top-of-the-line M&R Equipment, ensuring industrial-level production capabilities. As always, our creative department, technicians, and project leads are artists, highly trained and detail-oriented, guaranteeing quality assurance throughout each step.

Every screen printer is different, in both approach and final product. Studio One believes that printing should be treated as an art form.


Studio One was founded to realize a creative vision. Our business is founded on helping others do the same. No matter what we are creating together, we will always strive for exceptional quality and customer service.

We understand that our products have always been more than just t-shirts. We’re bringing people together. When our gear leaves the shop, it has the potential to become more than just a piece of fabric. Perhaps it will become a new favorite sweatshirt. Maybe it’s the extra touch that shows a client that you are prepared, thoughtful, and willing to go the extra mile. No matter what we are creating for you, we treat each product with the artistry and dedication to detail that it deserves.


We promise to continue to constantly improve our methods by researching, experimenting, and collaborating with our clients. We promise to strive for the highest quality products on the market and the finest customer service in the industry.

Without our customers, we’d just be printing for ourselves. It’s our belief that art should be shared.

We humbly look forward to working with you,

Geoffrey and Forrest


On our path towards industry favorites, we’ve equipped our studio with some of our favorite industrial “toys”. Just as we strive for perfection, we expect the same from our machinery.


Every project is client specific. No matter the size of your company or your order, we’re here to meet your custom needs. Here are a few clients with whom we’re proud to have worked.