Investing In Company Swag Boosts Employee Morale — Here’s Why

Investing In Company Swag Boosts Employee Morale — Here’s Why

Investing In Company Swag Boosts Employee Morale — Here’s Why

There’s one word that starts with the letter “f” that tends to bring more people joy than any other word. No, we’re not talking about that “f” word — we’re talking about the word “free.”

And while seeing the word “free” probably isn’t a good thing when it’s in front of the word “surgery” or “work at the office”, most folks can agree that receiving something for free, useful or not, is a good thing. Receiving a free item is like receiving free money. Who’s going to argue with that?

Employees Like “Free” — Cater To Them With Promotional Items And Swag

If you’re the owner of a company small or large, it could really be in your best interest to invest in some company swag for your team. So long as you’re not replacing your employee’s upcoming raises with a company t-shirt, we’re sure that they’ll appreciate this kind gesture.

Studio One Printing & Embroidery, your friendly screen printers and promotional item printers in Reston, VA, urge you to consider investing in some company swag. Here are a few great reasons!

The Data Backs Us Up

United companies are happy companies. While it’s true that not every employee is going to sip the company Kool-Aid, the simple truth is that most people enjoy their jobs more then there’s a strong sense of company culture.

According to Snag, 48.4 percent of companies without an established company culture will turnover. Conversely, those with a good sense of company culture only have a 13.9 percent turnover rate. Deloitte says that an overwhelming 94 percent of executives and 88 percent of employees think that a strong workplace culture is vital to business success.

Chew on those numbers before you place an order with us.

It Shows Your Employees That You Care

There are many things that you can do to celebrate your employees, and buying them a soft, well-designed t-shirt with your company logo is one of them. Things like lunch or ice cream are certainly nice, but a t-shirt or another piece of physical company swag is a lasting gift that they’ll (hopefully) use for months or years to come.

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It’ll Help Promote Your Company Values

No one wants to feel like their employer is shoving information down their throat every day at the office. However, expressing certain company values by what’s printed on your swag is a great, non-preachy way to help your workplace community subconsciously embrace and live out these values.

Worst case, someone that doesn’t want to wear the shirt simply doesn’t wear it. There’s no damage done here, because someone else will wear their shirt on a casual Friday.

They’re More Likely To Advertise Your Brand Outside Of The Office

What’s better than advertising? Free advertising. If people wearing branded clothing are like walking billboards, then your employees will gladly do exactly that if they’re proud of where they work. They’re more likely to talk about their jobs with other folks, and as a whole, expand and grow your brand.

This simple quarterly swag haul could really pay off for you as a business owner. Consider it an investment in your internal marketing.

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