Check Out These Fun Facts About The Screen Printing And Custom Apparel Industry

Check Out These Fun Facts About The Screen Printing And Custom Apparel Industry

Check Out These Fun Facts About The Screen Printing And Custom Apparel Industry

Check Out These Fun Facts About The Screen Printing And Custom Apparel Industry

From the ones who print clothing to the ones who wear it (that’s you, reader!), Studio One Screen Printing & Embroidery is passionate about what’s on your clothing. We’re not being nosy by asking “What are you wearing?”, either. From custom screen printing to embroidery and promotional item printing, we simply care about the highest-quality ways to print your latest design.

Expert Screen Printing Services In Reston

With our in-house custom design team, industrial level capacity and available rush services, our screen printers in Reston, VA are here to make your apparel dreams come true! Get started today.

In the name of our love for all things screen printing-related, read about some lesser-known facts about the biz by reading below.

T-Shirts Offer Timeless Popularity

Everyone loves a good t-shirt — they’re comfortable, casual, easy to throw on, and you can print just about any design imaginable on them. That information is well-known. However, did you know that approximately two billion t-shirts are sold worldwide each year? That’s quite the demand for a simple piece of clothing.

The Wizard Of Promotional Shirts

Back in 1939, The Wizard of Oz was, apparently, the first subject for a promotional t-shirt print. Of course, the idea of printing promotional messages and advertisements only gained traction throughout the decades as people were to eventually become walking billboards. That’s marketing at its finest!

Your Cotton T-Shirt Can Serve As An Effective Sponge

It’s true. Cotton can retain up to 24-27 times its own weight in water, and is also stronger wet than it is dry. Though activewear and polyester-blend clothing have become a lot more popular in recent years, countless t-shirts still consist (or primarily consist) of cotton.

The World’s Largest T-Shirt

Even a quadruple XL t-shirt has nothing on this cotton behemoth created by Gildan Activewear. Spanning the entirety of a football field, the massive garment that this custom apparel company created measures in at 170 ft. by 262 ft. What would you do with such a gigantic t-shirt? The possibilities are endless and the choice is up to you!

An Expert and Artistic Approach to Screen Printing

A Diamond-Studded Shirt Worth As Much As A House

So, our Reston screen printers don’t exactly print any of our clothing with diamonds right out of the gate, but apparently, someone else thought, “hey, this shirt may as well have a bunch of expensive diamonds on it.” Sure enough, what’s regarded as the most expensive t-shirt in the world costs around 405 grand, featuring a set of some 16 diamonds that total 9 carats. We’re no jewelry experts, but that’s one valuable shirt right there.

There’s More That Goes Into A Single T-Shirt Than You’d Think

It takes a lot of yarn to make a single t-shirt — roughly six miles of yarn, in fact. Just imagine how much yarn it takes to make t-shirts for an entire event or a company-wide printing job.

Choose Studio One Screen Printing & Embroidery

Whether you need promotional items printed, fine embroidery jobs or generalized screen printing services, we’re the local screen printing company in Reston that you can trust. Contact us today to learn more!

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