Some Of The Silliest Promotional Items Our Screen Printing Company Has Seen

Some Of The Silliest Promotional Items Our Screen Printing Company Has Seen

Some Of The Silliest Promotional Items Our Screen Printing Company Has Seen

Printing promotional items is a great way to do something that you shouldn’t surprise you in the slightest: promote your business! At Studio One Screen Printing & Embroidery, our name probably comes across as a bit of a misnomer — while we, of course, specialize in custom screen printing and embroidery services, we also do promotional product printing like it’s no one else’s business but ours.

Increase Awareness With Promotional Products

We’ve countless companies, organizations, events, and other operations increase their awareness by printing their logo or brand name on a number of products over the years: water bottles, keychains, mugs, reusable grocery bags, lunchboxes, pens, business cards, and even beach balls. But those types of items tend to be pretty standard.

If you’re looking for some creative promotional item inspiration from our screen printing company in Virginia, you’re in the right place! Keep reading below as we cover some of the silliest and most interesting promotional products that we’ve dealt with in our time.

Promotional Items That Are A Little “Out Of The Box”

A “SWAT” Fly Swatter

It’s cheesy, mildly amusing, and fairly practical. We think that a fly swatter that says “SWAT” on it would be perfect for promoting a local pest control company, but it sure would be even more amusing at a law enforcement conference. Hopefully, we’re not the only ones that got a dad joke-like chuckle out of this.

Fidget Spinner Pens

Ever since fidget spinners went mainstream in 2016 or 2017 (though what many people don’t know is that they’ve been around since the 90s), they’ve been all the rage in the promotional product printing world. Now that it’s 2019, we’re unsure if fidget spinners are still “in,” but even if they aren’t, we’re sure that many companies will still print their name on them for years to come.

Pens, of course, are one of the single most standard and most commonly printed promo products in existence. No matter what vertical you work in or what event you’re promoting, pens always seem to make an appearance. Seeing a few people actually use manual writing instruments these days, we think that’s a little funny.

But a fidget spinner pen? That’s useful and whimsical. It’s a strange combination, but clever because people can write something down and use the attached fidget spinner to help them think about what to write next.Increase Brand Awareness

A Smartphone Stress Reliever

The very source of your stress serves as a great outlet to relieve said stress. Unfortunately, smashing your smartphone in a fit of stress is a rather expensive ordeal. We recommend using this plush version instead of your actual phone.

A To-Go Coffee Cup Stress Reliever

If you’ve ever wanted to look like The Hulk and crush a full cup of coffee with your bare hands in a fit of rage, we understand where you’re coming from. Monday mornings can be pretty frustrating. But you’ll scald yourself after crushing a real cup of hot coffee, so use a plush version just like the smartphone stress reliever.

Get Your Name Out There With The Help Of Our Screen Printers!

Our custom screen printing company in Virginia isn’t just a screen printing company — we also do promotional product printing! To learn more, contact Studio One today.

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