4 Clever Marketing Ideas That Will Take Your Business To The Next Level This Year

4 Clever Marketing Ideas That Will Take Your Business To The Next Level This Year

4 Clever Marketing Ideas That Will Take Your Business To The Next Level This Year

As another year comes and goes, you may have looked back on your business’ performance in 2018 with a favorable — or not so favorable — outlook. If your company just didn’t make as many sales as you were hoping for, you’re not alone. You can blame a lack of sales on the often-volatile nature of the U.S. economy, how you’re running your business, the failure to cut costs where doing so was necessary, the longest government shutdown in history, and other valid reasons. However, a great product or service missing out on well-deserved sales often boils down to a matter of marketing.

Marketing In The Digital Age

Since most of the world turns to the internet to find out the information they’re looking for, as well as to buy products and learn more about local services around them, it only makes sense to hop on the digital marketing train, right? It’s true. You can think of the internet like the ocean; a brand new website is but a mere phytoplankton in an incomprehensibly vast body of water. You’ll need to market your website — your 24 hour salesman — to generate leads, and ideally, close them.

How Can Our Print Shop In Reston, VA Help Market Your Business?

But what about in-person marketing? What about attending conventions or trade shows, or even distributing mailers? What about wearable marketing in the form of t-shirts and other garments? While digital marketing runs the advertising gauntlet these days, there’s certainly value to be found through tangible, physical forms of marketing, even if they’re “old school.”

People aren’t going to stop wearing t-shirts with graphic prints on them, and they’ll always accept free stuff in the form of promotional items. That’s why Studio One Screen Printing & Embroidery offers custom t-shirt screen printing and promotional item printing. We truly believe that, despite the importance of digital and search engine marketing, physical promotional items are a great way to get through to your customers and turn would-be buyers into verified sales.

It’s with this belief in mind that we’ll be going over four digital and traditional marketing tips to help your business flourish in 2019. Questions? Feel free to get in touch with our screen printers in Reston and the greater DMV area! Let’s get started.

Market What You Have Before It’s Ready

This sounds a little hasty, but one of the most well-known best practices of marketing is to increase awareness for your product or service before you’re officially ready to launch it. It’s reasonable to expect to sell your product once it’s ready, but if no one knows about it, then you’re not going to get any sales!

Establish your product or service’s value, and sell that benefit to consumers. That way, they’ll be ready to buy when you’re ready to launch.

Increase Brand Awareness

Be Responsive And (Carefully) Engage On Social Media

There have been many unfortunate examples of total social media meltdowns that made PR professionals across the country cringe. How you interact with your customers is incredibly important, especially when you consider that you’re constantly under scrutiny from the public eye.

Be mindful of what you post before you publish it.

Don’t Underestimate Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Verbal marketing seems about as old school as it gets, but a memorable conversation can actually make a great, lasting impression on someone. If the conversation steers in a direction that’s appropriate to plug in your business, take advantage of it. Worst case scenario, they’ll brush it off or just forget what you said.

Give People Something Desirable To Take With Them

Following our bit about word-of-mouth marketing, it’s a good idea to hand them something physical if you’ve been conversing about your product or service. You don’t necessarily have to provide them with a boring business card, either. Studio One Screen Printing & Embroidery is capable of printing a number of useful and eye-catching products that people won’t just stash away and forget about.

Diversify Your Marketing Channels — Inquire About Promotional Product Printing In Reston!

Here are two main takeaways from today’s blog post: marketing is key to increasing sales, and Studio One Printing & Embroidery is your source for promotional item printing. From businesses large and small, we do it all! Contact us today to get a quote.

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