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While fashion trends come and go, such as bell-bottom pants and the tutu, the ubiquitous clothing item that will most likely always remain is the t-shirt. Custom screen printing has taken the t-shirt to the next level as well. The advancements in technology have led to almost any image being transferred over with precision and minute accuracy. This has led to many companies and industries, including software and technology, to embracing screen printing and embroidery for their branding needs.

Studio One Screen Printing & Embroidery offers superior custom screen printing and embroidery services, as well as promotional products, throughout the Northern Virginia area. Our top-notch team brings their unique talents and views to your screen printing. We work closely with area software and technology companies in order to help them get the products they need, from t-shirts to sweatshirts and more. Contact us for a free quote today!


  • Comfortable t-shirts
  • Great sweatpants
  • Superior sweatshirts
  • High-quality jackets
  • Baseball caps
  • Cute travel mugs
  • A variety of magnets
  • Soft blankets
  • Reusable bottles
  • Branded lanyards
  • And more!


In the past year, many software and technology companies have moved to a work-from-home model due to the pandemic, and many are seeing the benefits and staying virtual. That being said, the idea of waking up, grabbing some coffee, and putting on comfortable clothes before getting ready to sit in front of the computer all day is becoming the norm. By having a ready supply of branded t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and more, you can help your employees stay connected to each other, while loving your company as well. Other benefits of wearing comfortable custom screen printed and embroidery work clothes are:

  • Employees are happier
  • Employees feel less stress
  • Employees are more relaxed
  • Employees save money on work clothes
  • Employees can express themselves better
  • Promotes more activity throughout the day
  • And more

Employees who are happy and satisfied with their jobs, as well as feel valued by their employers, tend to stay longer, which only helps your software and technology company improve its customer service. Having seasoned employees you can rely on can make a big difference when it comes to solving customers’ problems. Solving your customers’ problems is  one place you have the opportunity to turn your customers into raving fans. Get started with Studio One in Fairfax today!


As an employee, there’s something to be said about getting something for free from your company — even if it is a branded screen printed t-shirt. Software and technology companies who invest in company swag will find that their employees will appreciate the effort and the sentiment. Every job has its ups and downs, and it’s on those down days where you really need to feel valued as an employee. For most companies, no one will know that you are having a down day. However, it helps to be able to pull on some company swag or to see it in the mirror when you use the restroom to brighten your day just a bit.

Studio One Screen Printing & Embroidery is proud to partner with area software and technology companies in order to bring you the very best in promotional gear, such as branded water bottles, screen printed t-shirts, and embroidered sweatshirts. When you’re warm inside, you’ll feel better on the outside. You’ll connect better with your teammates, you’ll be able to welcome new employees onboard easily, and it promotes your company’s values. Company swag celebrates you, and we all need a little celebration in our lives. Contact our screen printing company in Fairfax to get started today!

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Show your software and technology employees’ you value them with custom screen printing, embroidery, and promotional items.


The power of feeling valued cannot be overstated. In a world where we are all “connected,” there is more of a disconnect now more than ever, especially after the pandemic. It can be super isolating to work remotely, even though you are comfortable in your company swag. But by working hard to have weekly tag ups and meetings to keep everyone in the loop, working virtually can be great for many.

Studio One Screen Printing & Embroidery works alongside software and technology companies to bring them the company swag they need to help celebrate their employees. From creating branded t-shirts for internal teams or giving away branded lanyards to all new employees, everyone loves to receive something for free. Never underestimate how these small tokens can help people feel appreciated. Our screen printing company in Northern Virginia has years of experience in helping your software and technology company create branded clothing and apparel items for use for promotions or for your employees. If you have an idea, our talented artists can often bring it to life with a great design, incorporating your branded colors and logo. In addition, we save all of your information, so when you need to reorder, it’s super simple.

Our screen printing and custom embroidery company can help you build customer loyalty, increase business exposure, and help with company employee swag. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction with every order. Contact us to get started today!

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