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There are many reasons to invest in custom screen printing gear for your government employees. From giving everyone a sense of camaraderie to being a way to reward your government employees who work hard every day providing services to their community, custom screen printing and company swag provides your employees with a sense of belonging.

Here at Studio One Screen Printing & Embroidery, we offer the best custom screen printed items, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, bags, and more, as well as embroidery services. Located in beautiful Northern Virginia, we serve the surrounding communities with custom gear they can be proud of. Most people are proud of where they work and want to show off their spirit. Custom screen printed gear is one of the best ways to do just that. Reach out to our team to learn more and get started today!


  • Promotes a common employee spirit
  • Great way to reward employees for milestone achievements or anniversaries
  • Great way to thank employees for their hard work
  • Identifies employees as working for your town or city to the community
  • Gives a great first impression
  • Gives employees a break from their everyday wear
  • Improves security at your government buildings
  • Screen printed clothing items are fun to wear!
  • And more!


Being a government employee can be a thankless job. After all, most of your day is dealing with complaints and coming up with solutions to problems that need to be fixed — and a lot of the time, these problems needed to be fixed decades ago. While most government employees have great benefits and enjoy their work overall, there are days where it can be taxing and become a bit overwhelming. It’s on these days that it can be incredibly useful for your employees to wear a ball cap with your city’s logo, put on a nice, warm sweatshirt with the name of your particular government agency, or wear sweatpants on a day that dress slacks seem uncomfortable.

Studio One Screen Printing & Embroidery supports your government agency’s desire to thank your employees by offering the best screen printed company swag, from t-shirts and jackets to sweatpants and coffee mugs. It’s nice to know that the government cares what you do on those days that are overwhelming. Drinking from a company mug can remind you of why you do your job, and that can change your entire attitude for the day. Remembering birthdays, welcoming employees back from maternity leave, or just giving items away for no reason at all is a great way to help prevent employee burnout, show them appreciation, and help retain employees. Contact our screen printing company in Northern Virginia for your company swag today!


It’s incredibly easy to get down on yourself and the job you are doing, and have low self-esteem, especially in the government sector. Government work is most definitely not for everyone. The sheer weight of the overwhelming problems your government may be facing, or your constituents are facing can be depressing and hard to cope with. And with a limited number of hours in your day to make a difference, you can feel as if you are not accomplishing much or what you are accomplishing is all for naught.

Studio One Screen Printing & Embroidery works hard to bring a smile to your government employees’ faces with our custom screen printing and promotional items. By providing high-quality clothing items, bags, mugs, hats, tote bags, and more, we endeavor to make your government employees’ lives a bit easier. A sweatshirt can be a no-brainer on a Friday morning when it’s hard to think. A ball cap can be a lifesaver when you’re stuck at your kids’ soccer tournament all day long in a town that’s a two-hour drive away and you forgot an umbrella. Or a coffee mug can keep your coffee warm during work when you are too sore from working out that you don’t want to go up and down the stairs to warm your coffee. Life is full of circumstances that come and go, and by investing in custom screen printing and embroidery for your government employees, you can boost their morale. Contact our Northern Virginia screen printing company to get started today!

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Make your government employees’ lives easier and bring them joy with custom screen printing, embroidery, and promotional items.


The little things do matter. After all, our lives are full of little things and so few momentous moments. We execute the same tasks day-in and day-out, from getting up and going to work to getting the kids ready for school, the dog and cats fed and watered, the laundry and dishes done, and the oil changed in the car. This is why any slight variation in routine can make a huge difference in someone’s day.

Studio One Screen Printing & Embroidery loves making people’s lives a bit brighter with a colorful t-shirt, a cool coffee mug, or a useful tote bag that you can throw your produce in. Our screen printing company has been helping local businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, breweries, construction companies, and more offer amazing creations since 2003. We invest in the latest in screen printing technology so we can bring you innovative and eye-catching creations that will leave an impression and be memorable. We offer many specialty printing options, in addition to our already incredible screen printing options, which include metallic, glow-in-the-dark, reflective, and water-based printing selections. Our mission is to satisfy our customers 100%, so if you have an idea, we will work incredibly hard to make it come to fruition.

Offering your government employees company sway is just one way to show them you care about the incredible job they do every day to care for their community. Contact our Northern Virginia screen printing company to get started today!

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