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Having a uniform that everyone in your construction or retail business is wearing fosters a culture of inclusiveness and togetherness. As a company, no matter what role you are playing, everyone plays a part and has one mission in mind, whether that’s to offer the best pair of jeans to your customer as a jeans store, or it’s to provide the best commercial office complex as a builder. Employee uniforms promote your brand and can make employees be aware more of their behavior when in uniform. They also promote teamwork, which is crucial for every business. There are so many benefits to having your employees wear uniforms that can make a big impact on your bottom line.

Studio One offers custom screen printing and embroidery services in Northern Virginia. For over 15 years, we’ve been helping the construction and retail industries provide the best uniforms for their employees. From t-shirts and sweatshirts to hats and pants, we can screen print any time you desire. In addition, we also offer custom promotional items to promote your brand, either for your employees or for your customers. From mugs to bags, the sky’s the limit as to what we can screen print for you. Contact our screen printing company for your construction or retail business in Northern Virginia today!


  • Promotes branding
  • Fosters teamwork
  • Creates a sense of togetherness
  • Improves employee engagement
  • Looks professional and neat
  • Portrays the business’s pride
  • Offers a sense of security
  • Promotes better employee behavior
  • Can alleviate stress in determining what to wear
  • And so much more


As mentioned above, there are numerous reasons why your construction business could benefit from custom screen printing. For one, the construction industry tends to be thought of as guys in old jeans and t-shirt with a hard hat on who build structures, install landscaping, build fences, and remove debris. All of this entails dirt, and who wants to get a new shirt dirty?

By investing in custom screen printing for your construction business with Studio One, you’ll notice a more cohesive work environment as your employees begin to feel a part of something greater than themselves. Your employees won’t have to worry about getting their clothes dirty, and they will feel more valued as a part of something bigger than themselves. Screen printed items such as sweatshirts and jackets make nice gifts as well for your employees. Not only are you providing them with something they need, but you are also recognizing their contribution to your team and company. This also can help with employee retention as well. Plus, you can see who is who on a construction job site.

Employees appreciate any free item these days, even if it’s just a t-shirt. It saves them the hassle of buying clothes for work and eliminates the debate over what to wear to work. Promotional items with your company’s logo on them are other great ways to create brand awareness and reward your customers for choosing your business over others’. Even a free cup with your logo on it can go a long way in making an important impression. Call Studio One in Northern Virginia for your custom screen printing and promotional item quote today.


Working retail takes a whole team commitment in order to serve the customer, whether you work in a clothing store or a coffee shop. Employee uniforms are important both so that the customer immediately knows who to contact if they have a question and so the employees are comfortable while they work. In the restaurant and other food businesses, spills are frequent, so having clothes they don’t mind getting spills on or stained is key. Another great reason to have custom screen printed uniforms for your retail business is that it can be a great benefit. Let’s face it, clothes can be expensive, and when you get a new job, it can put a big kink into your employees’ budget.

Another great reason your retail employees should wear uniforms, or branded clothing items that have been custom screen printed, is that they can promote those items that you are selling to your customers. For example, if your coffee shop is selling jackets and sweatshirts, having your employees wear them can spark more sales. Plus, if you offer high-quality custom screen printed items beyond your basic t-shirts for sale, your employees will be more likely to wear these when they aren’t working, thus promoting your brand and company for free. Plus, when you have employee uniforms, you won’t have to worry about dress code.

Promotional items are also nice items to have in order to foster both customer loyalty and brand awareness. Let’s face it, nothing is truly free anymore, so even if your customers only receive a free sticker with your logo on it, many are appreciative. From one-off promotions like free cups to the first 100 visits on Black Friday to mugs that you sell, promotional items are great ways to get your brand out there and advertise for free. Studio One offers free quotes for all retail businesses on custom screen printing and promotional items. Connect with us today!

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Create an impression on your customers and goodwill with your employees with custom screen printing and promotional items.


Uniforms for your employees offer an air of professionalism and style. They improve the customer experience since they know exactly who to ask if they have a question while in your retail establishment. They can bring your construction workers together, and they offer an opportunity for your employees to show their pride to others.

There is something to be said for being a part of something bigger than yourself. It gives people a sense of purpose when you are all working together for one goal. It gives meaning to the rough days when you’ve had rude customers and the days where you just feel like giving up. It also helps your employees to feel valued.

Putting on a uniform drives unity and can increase productivity. It can also improve thinking and coming up with new and innovative ideas for processes and efficiencies. Beyond promoting your company’s brand and free advertising, it can show your employees that you care.

Studio One Screen Printing and Embroidery offers the best screen printing, embroidery, and promotional items for your employees. Receiving a high-quality jacket or sweatshirt that is embroidered with your company’s logo can brighten the day of your employees and offer them something they can actually use. Promotional items, from bottles and lanyards to travel mugs and magnets, not only make great gifts for employees, but they offer value to your customers as well. Giving anything to anyone can make the other person feel special and thankful. This gratitude is usually passed on, which then can make your entire company happier, and this spills over to your customers. Call our Northern Virginia screen printing company for a free quote today!

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