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As a business, advertising and marketing are crucial components to your success. By getting the word out there about the goods and services that you offer, you are making people aware that you exist and that you offer great customer service should they choose your company. That’s where a custom screen printing and embroidery service comes in. And if you’re looking for screen printing or custom embroidery for your personal use, such as for your sports team, you need a screen printing company that can get the job done.

Studio One Screen Printing & Embroidery serves Northern Virginia with the best screen printing services, promotional items, and embroidery services for your business or personal use. Whether you are looking to create 100 t-shirts for a free giveaway, or you need some sweatshirts embroidered for someone special, we can help. Our team has years of experience helping you advertise your business, outfit your family, or create unique branded give-away items, such as mugs or bags. We offer the highest-quality products at affordable prices. Call our screen printing shop for a free quote today!


  • Determining exactly what your needs are
  • Reviewing pricing based on the quantity of your screen printed shirts
  • Discussing the process of transferring artwork to a screen printed design
  • Choosing your style of shirt
  • Choosing your fleece garment
  • Choosing your ink based on your artwork
  • Going over our turnaround times
  • Choosing Studio One Printing today!


There are many steps involved in printing shirts, so let’s dive in and take a look. First, we need to determine exactly what your needs are, including the style of shirt you want to use, the number of shirts you need, and the number of colors you want. The artwork of your screen printing project is the major factor of the cost of your custom screen printing service. The more colors you are looking for, the more your screen printed items will cost. If you want white ink, you’ll need two coats of paint, which increases the cost of your screen printed item. Only one layer will fade quickly. Here at Studio One Printing in Northern Virginia, we ensure every screen printed project is done right from start to finish. Reach out today for a free quote!


Once we’ve done our initial evaluation of your screen printing needs, we need to narrow down the quantity. Studio One Printing in Northern Virginia offers several different price breaks, which are where our clients get the most value. These screen printing price breaks are at 12, 24, 48, 96, 188, and up. We’ll show you the price for your custom screen printing at each price break because we know that this is important for your business.

The next step in the screen printing process is how many placements you will need on your shirt. The most popular option is front placement; however, the back portion of your shirt is extremely valuable for advertising. You can feature a lot of information in a very tasteful way. There are three levels of information: primary, secondary, and tertiary information. Primary information will be your brand logo and name. Secondary information could be your tagline, or your products and/or services. Tertiary could be your website. You can most definitely tell the difference between a well-done screen printing shirt and one that is poorly designed. Here at Studio One Printing, we do our best to help your Northern Virginia business put your best foot forward. Partner with us today!


When we are taking your brand artwork and transferring it to a t-shirt design, we can use the color of the shirt like a canvas. This means that if you have artwork that has two colors, we can use the shirt’s color as one of the colors and then just have to use one screen printed color, saving you money. You can still use light ink on a dark garment. If you do only use one pass of a solid white, the shirt looks like something is wrong. However, if you wanted to do a distressing pattern to your artwork with one pass of ink, the ink will support the aesthetic of the design. This is extremely cost effective. Call our Northern Virginia custom screen printing company to get started today!


When selecting your style of shirt, there are two popular styles. These include a 60/40 and a 50/50 blend, which speaks to the material. These are a blend of cotton and polyester and a tri-blend. Studio One Printing does not like selling tri-blends in Northern Virginia because we feel like they are a fad, you pay more per shirt, and they break down faster than other blends. You will pay $3 more and not get your value.

A lot of screen printing companies have different minimums and sizes you have to buy. We want to make sure you get what you need for your screen printing services. We’ll help you create a bell curve based on your employees so that you are getting the right amount of sizes for the right amount of people. A lot of other screen printing companies will make you buy a certain number of particular sizes. We don’t do that so you get what you need, not what works for us. We’re never going to force you to buy more than you need. Our screen printing company understands that as a small business, you need to watch every penny. We can accommodate you every step of the way. We just need to make sure that the artwork supports those garments. Call Studio One Printing for your next custom screen printing service needs today!


When you are choosing a crew neck or hoodie, the price reflects the quality of the shirt. The cost goes up the heavier your fleece garment is. One nice thing about sizing is that small to extra-large shirts cost the same amount to screen print. It’s when you order sizes that are 2XL and larger that the screen printing cost increases. This is based on the amount of fabric that is used to create that shirt. Thus, Studio One Printing in Northern Virginia recommends that you be sure you only order the exact amount that you need of these shirts in order to keep your screen printing costs down. Call our screen printing shop to learn more today!


Many people think that you need to scale artwork per the size of the shirt when screen printing, meaning that a small shirt will have small artwork, a medium will have a bit bigger artwork, and so forth. However, most of our artwork is centered on shirts. We start our placement for screen printing two inches from the top of the collar. This is the sweet spot for most body types.

Our ink is split up according to what we call “The Hand of the Ink,” which is what the ink feels like when you rub your hand across the shirt. There are many different types of ink to choose from, and we always start with the least expensive first and then work our way up. If you have a specific type of ink in mind, we can use that ink for your screen printing project. It’s also important to use the right ink for the right fabric. For instance, if you use cotton ink on a polyester shirt, it will bleed. You can change the color of ink with different color items for an ink change fee that is $15/ink color change because it is labor intensive. Studio One Printing is here to meet your individual screen printing needs. Call for a free quote today!


For custom screen printing, Studio One Printing in Northern Virginia offers a turnaround time of around 10 business days from the order approval. We send you color and placement guides that need to be approved before we proceed with your screen printing job in order to ensure there are no errors. We send out a digital proof for your review so that you can change anything you would like on the design. Then we wait for final approval on your screen printed design in order to start production. We save all of our order information in order to expedite our repeat business customers, from the color placement guides, ink color notes, curing times, and more so that we can easily repeat your custom screen printing order exactly from before. We also go the distance to find promotional items you would like to have printed as well. Contact Studio One Printing in Northern Virginia to get started today!


We understand that you have choices when it comes to screen printing. When investigating your custom screen printing options, please contact our screen printing company, Studio One Printing serving Northern Virginia. We always put our customers first, and we want to make sure you are getting the product you want and need. We are more than happy to explain to you our screen printing processes and answer all of your questions – just give us a call. We want to make sure you are 100% happy with your final product. We’ll work with you to meet your goals and find the best way to achieve them, so that your goals are our goals. Call Studio One Screen Printing & Embroidery for custom screen printing services today!

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