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Rush Service

Here at Studio One Screen Printing
we love what we do, and it shows in
the quality of our product. In an effort
to provide our customers with the
lowest possible prices, we take
6 factors into consideration when
calculating the costs of our services...

  1.    Type of garment/ material to be printed on (T-shirt, Hoody, Posters)
  2.    Color of garment/ material
  3.    Number of pieces to be printed
  4.    Number of placements (different graphic locations)
  5.    Specific colors in each placement
  6.    Desired completion schedule

In order to expedite your quote process, try to have as much of the above criteria established when calling or emailing us for a quote. Don’t have it all figured out just yet? Not a problem. We’ll take the time needed to walk you through any/all steps of the decision making process.

Here are variables which can influence the final price of your project:

Sleeve and pocket placements, etc. are specialty print locations, which adds to the cost of your project.

Standard print size is 14 x 14 inches. Larger prints require oversized screens, which can add additional fees.

Use of specialty inks (Glow-in-the-Dark, Metallic, Foil, Three Dimensional) will add to your project’s cost, as the inks themselves are more expensive, and generally require additional prep and print time.

Graphics may be submitted in the following formats:

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